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Subsphere Comms. [entries|friends|calendar]
Subsphere Comms : Riding the Witero Southwards

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calling the prophet [24 May 2005|12:50pm]

HQ: to prophet.

tracing a subsphere sweep....anything on your radar sir?

all quiet with the captain....for now.

HQ: standing by.
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Alert status black special [23 Apr 2005|01:25am]

[ mood | weird ]

TRANSMISSION : HQ to all stations - Switch to black special as precautionary measure. All stations high alert, please keep comms open and stand by. If this ones a false alarm i'll buy you all beer with pleasure! HQ standing by.

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By the pricking of my thumbs... [23 Apr 2005|01:06am]

[ mood | pensive ]

It's disturbing...not that there's any "it" to actually worry about...well not yet that is. And that's the problem, the "not yet". I feel it coming, like a black thunderstorm, that prickling sensation that you get on the back of your neck, that smell, the way each hair on my arms, normally imperceptable, suddenly makes its silvery silk presence known, by standing up on end, and all at the same time, a veritible army of hairs, standing up to attention. That feeling that something is about to break, something is about to happen, and when it does, it's going to be a biggie.

It felt like this the last time, as i sat here shivering, drinking my forth nightcap, the night before "they" came through the cracks. It felt like this the last time the captain was stranded in the desert through the subsphere, and we couldn't get a tracer on him for days due to the black glass sandstorm, far less fly a witero through. It felt like this when the prophet, on one of his wanderings wandered a little too far and fell through to the edgelands. It felt like this when...NO, i'm going to stop these thoughts in their tracks before they take on their own parasitic shape feeding of my brain electricity...it COULD be nothing, it's just that i KNOW this feeling, and i don't like it one little bit.

There's nothing to pin it on though, nothing concrete, just the feeling, and that makes it all the worse. If it happens, i don't even know what form it will take this time, not yet. The last comms from the captain were pretty much "nothing to report", there was that small episode with the Witero last week, but well that was easily solved by some nifty flying...so not much to go on there. I guess there's nothing for it to but to sit this one out and see what's over on the flip side...

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